Transitioning to The Learning Center K-8 Charter School

TLC! Montessori Preschool is designed to prepare students to enter the tutition-free, public charter school that shares its campus. The Learning Center! Charter School emphasizes hands-on learning in an E-STEAM (Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Agriculture and Math) environment. 

Preschool students are included in the activities of the K-8 campus on a regular basis. We think that exposing young students to the diverse,

multi-age student population helps lay a solid foundation for the years of schooling ahead of them.


At the very start of their educational experience, our preschool students are given the opportunity to see what the years ahead will look like, and develop a sense of inclusion in a Community of Learners. We hope that this will further serve to engage their curiosity and desire for learning. 


The Learning Center!

K-8 Public Charter School

Montessori Blend Kindergarten

The Kindergarten curriculum at TLC! Charter School blends the best of Montessori methods with that of conventional classrooms. 


TLC! Montessori Preschool students graduate ready to smoothly transition into the tution-free, Montessori Blend Kindergarten program at the Charter School. Students across the grades will be educated in an environment that puts into practice the principles of Montessori - respect for the individuality of every student and the freedom and support to let children take charge of their own learning.