How We Teach

Today the importance of the formative first six years of life is common knowledge. During this time a child becomes fully a member of her particular culture, community, and family group. A child who spends the first six years in a loving and supportive environment learns to love herself and feels safe in the world.

Every child, by instinct, wants to learn and grow to the limit of his abilities. However, the child's reason for, and way of, working is different from ours. The child works to master the activity, not to complete the task. This type of work is laying the foundation for all areas of work throughout life. To support the child in his efforts, we must carefully prepare the physical and social environment, provide tools that enable the child to learn and grow, and allow him the freedom to do this in his own time. We must help him learn, through example, how to become a successful, confident, independent, contributing member of society.

The Montessori-prepared environment includes lessons in practical life, sensorial experiences, math, geography, science and language. It is a place where learning is introduced in an orderly way that recognizes and respects each child's individuality. 

Our Staff

Administrator: Mary Jo Dyre  

Lead Montessori Teacher: Tammy Keeling

Teacher: Kayleigh Stout

Afterschool Assistant: Shirley Kephart

Board Consultant: Karen Brinke


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